Weekly Seminars for October 2008

Tuesday 7th October 2008, 2:00 P.M.

Università "La Sapienza" Roma - Aula Conversi (1° p. Dip. Fisica Ed. Marconi)

Speaker:  Dr. Simone Dell'Agnello (Laboratori Nazionali dell'INFN di Frascati) 

Title: Probing Gravity in the Solar System with Satellite and Lunar Laser Ranging

Abstract: Satellite and lunar laser ranging (SLR/LLR) are consolidated techniques which provide the most precise AND the most cost-effective method to track satellites equipped with laser retro-reflectors (LRRs). We will describe the new facility built at LNF (the "SCF") to characterize LRRs in a realistic space environment (ETRUSCO experiment) and the precision tests of General Relativity and of new theories of Gravity that can be performed with LLR payloads in: 2nd generation lunar laser ranging (MoonLIGHT experiment), in the Earth-Moon system (MAGIA, ASI Phase A study ), in deep space and with the LAGEOS satellites.

Friday 17th October 2008, 12:30 PM 

ICRANet, Pescara - Seminars Room

Speaker:  Felix Aharonian (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies - Max Plank Institut f. Kemphysik, Heidelberg) 

Seminar 1: Gamma-Ray Source Populations

Seminar 2: Searching for "Extreme Cosmic Accelerators" with gamma-rays and Neutrinos

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Thursday 23th October 2008, 3:00 PM

ICRANet, Pescara - Seminars Room 

Speaker:  Prof. David L. Wiltshire (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy - University of Canterbury, New Zealand) 

Title: Dark Energy without Dark Energy

Abstract: An overview is presented of a recently proposed "radically conservative" solution to the problem of dark energy in cosmology. The proposal yields a model universe which appears to be quantitatively viable, in terms of its fit to supernovae luminosity distances, the angular scale of the sound horizon in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) anisotropy spectrum, and the baryon acoustic oscillation scale. The overview examines both the foundational issues concerning the equivalence principle, the definition of gravitational energy in a dynamically expanding space, the quantitative predictions of the new model and its best-fit cosmological parameters, and the prospects for an era of new observational tests in cosmology.

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Thursday 23th October 2008, 4:00 PM

ICRANet, Pescara - Seminars Room 

Speaker:  Irene Arkhangelskaja (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute - Russia)

Title: High energy gamma-emission of GRBs observed in experiments on various satellites

Abstract: Some GRB with presence of high energy component (more than some MeV) within BATSE t90 intervals were detected by other experiments onboard CGRO and later such component within RHESSI, HETE and SWIFT ones were detected by AVS-F apparatus (CORONAS-F satellite), Agile and GLAST too. The characteristics of such types of bursts are discussed.

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