IK14 - Korean Speakers

Name  Talk  Email
Hyung Won Lee Cosmological perturbation in f(R) gravity hwlee@inje.ac.kr
Sang Pyo Kim Spontaneous Emission of Fermions from Charged Black Holes sangkim@kunsan.ac.kr
Hyun Kyu Lee Tidal deformation parameter for a stiffer equation of state hyunkyu@hanyang.ac.kr
JeongCho Kim Gravitational Wave Parameter Estimation using amplitude corrected TaylorF2 jeongcho.kim@gmail.com
Sung-Won Kim Hawking Radiation of Dynamic Wormhole sungwon@ewha.ac.kr
Jin Young Kim Exploring the light bending by non-linear QED effect in a ground laboratory jykim@kunsan.ac.kr
Chul Min Kim Acceleration of protons by laser radiation pressure and its implications for experimental astrophysics chulmin@gist.ac.kr
Wonwoo Lee Entropy preference of black holes in dilaton-Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory warrior@sogang.ac.kr
Chanyong Park Holographic Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium cyong21@sogang.ac.kr
Jong Hyuk Yoon Hamiltonian reduction via the (2+2) formalism and exact solutions to Einstein's equations yoonjh_5@naver.com