First Stueckelberg Workshop

Within the ICRANET activities we have started a one-week dialogues on Relativistic Field Theories in Curved Space, which is inspired to the work of E. C. G. Stueckelberg and is named 1st Stueckelberg Workshop. This meeting, which will include lectures by Prof. A. Ashtekar and Scientists from ICRA and ICRAnet Centers, was the first of a series of satellite meetings of 11th Marcel Grossmann meeting and it took place in Pescara from 6/25/06 to 7/1/06.


Organizing Committee

Dr. F. Cianfrani co ICRAnet, Pescara, Italy
Dr. G. Montani co ICRAnet, Pescara, Italy
Prof. Remo Ruffini ICRAnet, ICRA (International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics)
and Rome University "La Sapienza"


Download the full pdf program schedule.

Picture of the participants:


The third one standing from the right is prof. Ashtekar