Second Italian-Sino Workshop

June 11 -20 2005, Pescara


The 2nd Sino-Italian Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics focuses on the newest developments of probing the dark universe.


It includes theories and models of dark matter, dark energy, and dark ages, as well as observational cosmology of supernovas and 21 cm emission at high redshifts.



The following resources are available for download:

  • Workshop Program pdf PDF
  • List of Chinese Participants pdf PDF
  • List of Italian Participants pdf PDF

Chinese committee

Prof. Feng, Long-Long (冯珑珑) Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing        

Prof. Deng, Zugan (邓祖淦) Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Prof. Jing, Yipeng (景益鹏) Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

Italian committee

Prof. Remo Ruffini ICRA (International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics)