Award - Zeldovich-100

Awards assigned on the occasion of the Zeldovich-100 Meeting
March 10-14, 2014 - Minsk, Belarus

award To Kuantay Boshkaev
for the best talk "Defining multipole moments of neutron stars from QPOs"
award To Pavel Efremov
for the best talk "Innermost stable circular orbits of spinning particles in Schwarzschild and Kerr metric"
award To Fernanda Gomes de Oliveira
for the best talk "Gravitational waves vs. X and Gamma rays emission in a short gamma-ray burst"
award To Marco Muccino
for the best talk "One the Binary Driven Hypenovae and the nested properties of their X-ray afterglows"
award To Yu Wang
for the best talk "GRB 130427A and SN 2013cq: Multi-wavelenght Analysis of An Induced Gravitational Collapse Event"