William Fairbank Meetings

"William Fairbank has been a dear friend and an enthusiastic colleague who has given us with his vitality and originality a marvelous example of how to broaden the frontier of science and knowledge. Every encounter with him gave us an injection of enthusiasm and some new physical insight, every visit to his laboratory a sensation of exploring the fundamentals of gravitation through the most original use of basic physics, and every encounter with his research group an opportunity to discuss some of our most recent results in theoretical research with an outstanding group of experimentalists.

These meetings have been conceived with the aim of keeping alive the "Bill Fairbank spirit" and to extend it to a larger and larger number of scientists."

Remo Ruffini and Fang Li Zhi, from the preface of the first WF Meeting 

There are available resources about the following meetings:

WF1 (Rome '90)
WF2 (Hong Kong '93)
WF3 (Rome '98)