IRAP Ph.D. Erasmus Mundus - 2010


IRAP Ph.D. Erasmus Mundus September school

The September Shool in Nice is the first set of lectures delivered by the world experts in General Relativity, Relativistic Field Theory and Relativistic Astrophysics to the students of Erasmus Mundus IRAP PhD program.

The lectures will include courses on:

  • Cosmological Singularity
  • Kerr Metric and its Generalizations
  • Introduction to Cosmology
  • Large Scale Structure
  • Relativistic Kinetic Theory
  • Supernova
  • Introduction to X-ray Binaries and Accretion processes around black holes and neutron stars
  • Multivalued Fields in Condensed Matter, Electromagnetism, and Gravitation
  • Open Issues in High Energy Astrophysics and Needed X/Gamma-Ray Instrumentation
  • Numerical Relativity
  • Numerical methods in Astrophysics
  • Gravitational Radiation and Binary Systems
  • Electron-positron pairs creation and dynamics in external electric fields  

as well as seminars by the students of ongoing IRAP PhD Program.

The lectures will be held in University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.



Inauguration Program Speakers Location & Accomodation Photos