Cosmology, Gravitation and Multidimensions


Multidimensional Physics:

  • Francesco Cianfrani
  • Valentino Lacquaniti
  • Orchidea Maria Lecian
  • Nakia Carlevaro
  • Francesco Vietri

Quantum Gravity:

  • Simone Mercuri
  • Marco Valerio Battisti
  • Riccardo Benini
  • Francesco Cianfrani
  • Orchidea Maria Lecian
  • Riccardo Belvedere
  • Simone Zonetti
  • Michele Castellana

Early Cosmology:

  • Riccardo Benini
  • Nakia Carlevaro
  • Nicola Nescatelli
  • Dr. Giovanni Imponente
  • Dr. Alexander A. Kirillov

Topics of research:

This group lives within the Relativistic Astrophysics Center at the Physics Department of University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Prof. Remo Ruffini - II Chair in Theoretical Physics).

It deals with three main lines of research, each of them aimed to specific topics, according to the scheme:

- Early Cosmology -
Chaotic Universes, Dissipative cosmologies

- Quantum Gravity -
Quantum cosmology, The problem of time

- Multidimensional Physics -
Particles and fields dynamics in Kaluza-Klein theories, Geometrization of the gauge connection: the electroweak model

The group is directed by Dr. Giovanni Montani and it is composed by about ten members, degree students, PhD students and post-doctors. The main goal of this investigation paradigm is to find, by different aspects of the gravitational field, markers for an unification picture of the fundamental interactions. In this respect the cosmological framework is the natural arena of this expected scenario.

The research activity we are developing in General Relativity concerns mainly the understanding of the Universe physics and dynamics near the Big-Bang. In this respect, we investigate, on one hand, the possible links existing between Gravitation and the other Fundamental Interactions and on the other one eneral cosmological models of interest for the very Early Universe evolution.

The link between Gravitation and the elementary Particle Physics is analyzed in the following two complementary frameworks: Multidimensonal Physics and Quantum Gravity approach.