Fermi and Astrophysics

Fermi and Astrophysics cover (Italian Edition)

"Fermi and astrophysics" is a book published to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Enrico Fermi's birth. From October 3 to 7 of 2001, in Pescara there has been a meeting about scientific developments in astrophysics influenced by Fermi’s seminal ideas. This book collects papers from that meeting, as well as the original Fermi's papers that have been the basis of the talks.

"Fermi and astrophysics" is going to be published by World Scientific Press in 2007 on May, 30. On this site you can find:

  • Abstracts of all the articles
  • Full English translations of original Fermi's papers.

Il Nuovo Cimento B, Issues 9-11, 2002

Fermi and Astrophysics: all abstracts page


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E. Alesci
D. Bini
D. Boccaletti
A. Geralico B. Jantzen
S. Mercuri