Gerbertus 2021 - Scientific Rationale

With yearly cadence we celebrate the event on Gerbert of Aurillac on or near 12th may.

This year it will be online, and we hope to get many people as the in last events in january (Betelgeuse) may (Gerbertus 2020), september (Dante) and two in december 2020 (Eclipse and Jupiter-Saturn) with your patrocinium, at the bottom of this webpage:
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the website of the forthcoming event, in preparation is this one
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the speakers are ranging from big shots to very good undergraduate students in order to be more efficient in hitting our audience of high school students.

Astrophysics and new technologies
is the title, and the idea is to maintain the contact with the historical tradition also by using new technologies.
Among the things we will present there are these two booklets "restaured and put into digital form "Lo Scontro della Cometa" (1911) and "Mars in 1896/97", the last one also with an experiment to see through a telescope a coin at 30 m far, with the same angular diameter of Mars in january 1897.