Novae, Supernovae and Kilonovae

We investigate the properties of some classes of transient objects such as galactic and extragalactic Novae, Supernovae and Kilonovae. Particularly our research focuses on:

Fig. 1. The maximum magnitude vs. rate of decline relationship
for Novae in galaxies of different Hubble type.
• Nova populations (disk and bulge novae).
• Novae as distance indicators.
• Novae as contributors to the galactic nucleosynthesis of the respective host galaxies.
• Novae and related objects (e.g. Recurrent Novae, Symbiotics) as progenitors of Supernovae of Ia type.
• Evolution of Supernovae of different spectroscopic types.
• Search and study of optical kilonovae.

Group leader: Prof. Massimo della Valle


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