Cosmology group of Tartu Observatory

Department of Galaxy Physics and Cosmology

In the department of Galaxy Physics and Cosmology, the traditional research areas have been galaxy dynamics, galaxy evolution, the large scale structure of the Universe and the properties of dark matter. The work has always been carried out in international collaboration. Starting from 2017 we are officially participating in the J-PAS project ( Over the course of a few coming years, the J-PAS telescope in the mountains of Spain will be measuring the distances and other properties of many millions of galaxies and several other astronomical sources, helping us to quantify and analyse the large scale distribution of matter and its cosmological implications. We also continue our collaboration along the lines of the Estonian centre of excellence “Dark side of the Universe” (funded by the EU Regional Development Fund) together with physicists from the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics and from the theoretical physics group in the University of Tartu.

The annual reports of the Tartu Observatory can be found here.

Group leader: Prof. Jaan Einasto