3rd Zeldovich Meeting - Proceedings

Proceedings of the Third Zeldovich meeting are published in the refereed journal Astronomy Reports, volume 62, issue 12: link (https://link.springer.com/journal/11444/62/12/page/1)

Preface by the Editors

The volume includes the following articles:
* N. I. Shakura, "Ya.B. Zeldovich and Foundation of the Accretion Theory", pages 823-833
* A. G. Aksenov, V. M. Chechetkin, "Supernova Explosion Mechanism with the Neutrinos and the Collapse of the Rotation Core", pages 834-839
* L. Becerra, C. Ellinger, C. Fryer, J. A. Rueda, R. Ruffini, "On the Induced Gravitational Collapse: SPH Simulations", pages 840-846
* K. Boshkayev, "Equilibrium Configurations of Rotating White Dwarfs at Finite Temperatures", pages 847-852
* Y.-C. Chen, C.-Y. Hwang, "Morphology of Seyfert Galaxies", pages 853-858
* M. Demiański, A. Doroshkevich, "Observations of the Ly-α Forest", pages 859-867
* E. Derishev, "Radiation-Mediated Shocks: Kinetic Processes and Transition to Collisionless Shocks", pages 868-873
* G. Fodor, "Localized Objects Formed by Self-Trapped Gravitational Waves", pages 874-881
* A. M. Galper, N. P. Topchiev, Yu. T. Yurkin, "GAMMA-400 Project", pages 882-889
* M. Hohmann, "Polarization of Gravitational Waves in General Teleparallel Theories of Gravity", pages 890-897
* A. Krut, C. R. Arguëlles, J. Rueda, R. Ruffini, "Galactic Constraints on Fermionic Dark Matter", pages 898-904
* R. Moradi, R. Ruffini, C. L. Bianco, Y.-C. Chen, M. Karlica, et al., "Relativistic Behavior and Equitemporal Surfaces in Ultra-Relativistic Prompt Emission Phase of Gamma-Ray Bursts", pages 905-910
* E. A. Panko, S. M. Andrievsky, S. I. Yemelianov, A. M. Stepaniuk, "Regular Substructures in the Rich Open Galaxy Clusters", pages 911-916
* T. Petrushevska, T. Okamura, R. Kawamata, L. Hangard, G. Mahler, "Prospects for Strongly Lensed Supernovae Behind Hubble Frontier Fields Galaxy Clusters with the James Webb Space Telescope", pages 917-925.
* M. A. Prakapenia, I. A. Siutsou, G. V. Vereshchagin, "Numerical Scheme for Treatment of Uehling–Uhlenbeck Equation for Binary and Triple Interactions in Relativistic Plasma", pages 926-932
* D. Primorac, M. Muccino, R. Moradi, Y. Wang, J. D. Melon Fuksman, et al., "Structure of the Prompt Emission of GRB 151027A Within the Fireshell Model", pages 933-939
* J. F. Rodriguez, J. A. Rueda, R. Ruffini, "On the Final Gravitational Wave Burst from Binary Black Holes Mergers", pages 940-952
* I. Rácz, "A Simple Method of Constructing Binary Black Hole Initial Data", pages 953-958
* G. Vereshchagin, S. Bedić, "Loop Quantum Cosmology and Probability of Inflation", pages 959-964