Weekly Seminars for December 2017
Friday December 1st, 2017 - 1:00pm
Aula 8 (Physics Dept., Fermi Building, 1st Floor)
ICRANet Seminar
Speaker: Andreas Krut

Institution: ICRANet

Title: Novel constraints on fermionic dark matter from the Galactic observables​
It has been recently introduced a new model for the distribution of dark matter (DM) in galaxies, the Ruffini-Arguelles-Rueda (RAR) model, based on a self-gravitating system of massive fermions at finite temperatures. The RAR model, for fermion masses above keV, successfully describes the DM halos in galaxies, and predicts the existence of a denser quantum core towards the center of each configuration. We demonstrate here that, for a fermion mass in the range 48 keV/c2≲m≲345 keV/c2 , the DM distribution obtained from the RAR model fulfills the most recent data of the Milky Way rotation curves, and predicts the existence of a dense quantum core of 4×106M⊙within the S2-star pericenter. In addition, the dense quantum core represents an alternative to the central black hole (BH) scenario for SgrA*.
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