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Aimuratov Yerlan GRB 081024B analysis and redshift estimation yerlan.aimuratov@icranet.org
Arguelles Carlos Fermionic dark matter on galaxy scales Carlos.Arguelles@icranet.org
Belinski Vladimir Supersymmetric Solitons belinski@icra.it
Bianco Carlo Luciano GRB emission from inside the fireshell bianco@icra.it
Bini Donato Extended bodies with structure up to the mass quadrupole in black hole spacetimes binid@icra.it
Boshkayev Kuantay Induced compression of white dwarfs by angular momentum loss kuantay.boshkaev@mail.ru
Cipolletta Federico Structure And Stability For Realistic Rapidly Rotating NS: Full GR Treatment
Models for equilibrium configurations of rotating self-gravitating Polytropic Stars
Da Cunha Bruno Isomonodromy and Black Hole Scattering bcunha@df.ufpe.br
Enderli Maxime GRB 090510 as a Genuine Short event maxime.enderli@gmail.com
Everitt Francis Overview and Completion of Gravity Probe B francis@relgyro.stanford.edu
Haghighat Mansour Generation of Circularly Polarized Radio waves in a background Field mansour@cc.iut.ac.ir
Isayev Alexander Constraining magnetic field strength in compact stars with quark cores alexanderi026@gmail.com
Izzo Luca Multiple components in GRRB prompt emission and evidences for the IGC scenario luca.izzo@icra.it
Jantzen Robert The GR frequency relation between an emitting ring and a stationary receiver in the Kerr equatorial plane: a pedagogical example robert.jantzen@villanova.edu
Kovacevic Milos The interpretation of the Swift-XRT flares within the Induced Gravitational Collapse (IGC) scenario milos.kovacevic@icranet.org
Krut Andreas Dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies and their phase-space density distribution andreas.krut@icranet.org
Li Liang Components of GRB Optical Afterglows and Their Relations to Prompt Gamma-Rays & X-Ray Afterglows liang.li@icranet.org
Ludwig Hendrik f(R,Lm) gravity with pressuron mechanism hendrik.ludwig@icranet.org
Mansouri Reza Do we know what a black hole is? A conceptual refinement mansouri@ipm.it
Medeu Abishev General relativity mechanics in the weak fields abishevme@mail.ru
Moradi Rahim The spherical perfect fluid collapse with pressure in a FRW background rahim.moradi@icranet.org
Muccino Marco Short GRBs in the fireshell model: family-1 and family-2 short bursts and the case of GRB 140619B marco.muccino@icra.it
Oliveira Fernanda Final Stages of a Neutron Star Binary System fe.fisica@gmail.com
Perez Martinez Aurora Magnetic field and compact objects aurora@inimaf.cu
Pisani Giovanni Properties of the X-Ray afterglow of Binary-Driven HyperNovae giovanni.b.pisani@gmail.com
Rueda Jorge Induced gravitational collapse processand the role of the neutron star structure jorge.rueda@icra.it
Ruffini Remo Cosmic Matrix in the Jubilee of Relativistic Astrophysics ruffini@icra.it
Stahl Clément Fractal matter distribution and supernovae IA clement.stahl@icranet.org
Wang Yu Long-duration Gamma-ray Burst Classification in Induced Gravitational Collapse Model Yu.Wang@icranet.org
Yang Xiaofeng Testing the foundation of modern cosmology from astronomical data: using SN IA and GRB to test the isotropy of coscmological principle(CP) xiaofeng.yang@icranet.org
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