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Alexei Aksenov
Spherical-symmetric model of the mass accretion on the hot neutron star with taking into account neutrino transport

Irina Arkhangelskaja
GAMMA-400 space experiment: perspectives of the discrete sources, diffuse background and dark matter investigations
GRBs redshifts distribution as evidence of long GRB sources population non-uniformity

Michele Armano
Calibrating a GW Observatory in space The Science of (e)LISA and LISA Pathfinder

Bruno Sversut Arsioli
Active Galactic Nuclei VHE γ-ray Blazar Candidates

Damien Begue
On the structure of the circumburst medium in the fireshell model of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Vladimir Belinski
The Generic Friedman Big Bang

Carlo Luciano Bianco
The Fireshell model for GRBs

Eduardo Bittencourt
Analogue Black Holes in Static Dielectrics

Kuantay Boshkayev
Evolution of Isolated Rotating White Dwarfs

Jaziel G. Coelho
Dynamical instability of white dwarfs and breaking of spherical symmetry under the presence of extreme magnetic fields

Alessandro De Angelis
Cherenkov astrophysics and the quest for the 10-GeV range

Rafael de Lima
Non-homogeneous nuclear phases under strong magnetic fields

Antonino Di Piazza
Investigating vacuum-polarization effects with ultra-intense laser fields

Alex Giacomini
Cosmological dynamics of gravitating hadron matter

Karen Hatsagortsyan
Critical field phenomena in ultrastrong laser fields

Luca Izzo
The prototype of IGC GRB-SN family: GRB 090618

Christoph H. Keitel
X-ray interactions with highly charged ions and nuclei

S. O. Kepler
White Dwarfs

Jin Young Kim
Light bending in radiation background

Milos Kovacevic
Observing Gamma-ray bursts with Fermi Large Area Telescope (Fermi-LAT)

Jutta Kunz
Rapidly Rotating Black Holes and Neutron Stars in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-Dilaton Theory

Claus Lämmerzahl
Test particle motion in regular black hole space-times

Hendrik Ludwig
Energy extraction through strong electric fields/electronic pulsation

Grant Mathews
Black Hole Formation, Neutrinos and Nucleosynthesis

Razmik Mirzoyan
VHE γ Astrophysics Some Highlights

Jonas Pedro Pereira
Black hole mass formula in nonlinear electrodynamics and some of its consequences

Volker Perlick
Gravitational lensing by black holes

Giovanni B. Pisani
Energetic GRBs-SNe within the induced gravitational collapse model: towards a new standard candle?

Remo Ruffini
Black Holes, Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae. The Leading Progress in Physics and Relativistic Astrophysics
An ICRANet Landscape

Jorge A. Rueda Hernández
Hypercritical Accretion, Induced Gravitational Collapse, and Binary Driven Hypernovae

Eckhard Strobel
Semi-classical Schwinger pair production in pulsed rotating electric fields

Yu Wang
The Most Luminous Supernova Associated Gamma-ray Burst

Mackenzie Warren
Relativistic hydrodynamic simulations of the Induced Gravitational Collapse GRB paradigm

Yuanbin Wu
Nonlinear Breit-Wheeler process in the collision of a photon with two plane waves

She-Sheng Xue
Circular polarization from linearly-polarized-laser-beam collisions

Elena Zaninoni
Gamma-ray bursts and their X-ray and optical afterglow

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