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The Physics of Black Holes (BHs) dominates some of the most energetic astrophysical phenomena in the Universe. The formation of a ~ 10 M⊙. BH appear to be related to the emission of a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB), the most energetic transient phenomena in the Universe. The basic mechanism appear to be e creation of electron positron pairs plasma occurring by vacuum polarization process around a Kerr Newman Black Hole by the Heisenberg- Euler- Schwinger mechanism. Current effort of reaching such an extreme electromagnetic quantum regime is being currently approached also in MegaJoule Laser Projects in Europe, Russia, USA. In addition a prolonged emission appear to be related to rotating electromagnetic BH (~ 10 M⊙). in microquasars. The presence of Supermassive Black Holes (SMBHs) of 108 -109 M⊙. appear to be related to active galactic nuclei, Blazars and Quasars. There is the possibility that unlike the 10 M⊙ BHs, which are formed by the gravitational collapse of baryonic matter, the SMBHs can originate from the gravitational collapse of Dark Matter.

This meeting will address both observational/experimental and theoretical aspects. From an observational point of view results obtained from very high energy(VHE) observatories: from the ground such as HESS, MAGIC, AUGER and from next generation instruments will be reviewed. Similarly will be reviewed the observations from Space Observatories in X and Gamma Rays such as Agile, Fermi, Swift, MAXI and NuStar. The complementary observations in Microwave and infrared bands from Planck mission will be presented. Ongoing progress for experimental facilities to look for coincidence with Gravitational waves detectors and Neutrinos detectors will be also reviewed. From a theoretical point of view attention will be given to progress in understanding quantum and classical phenomena related to the physics of BHs and to the process of extraction of the Black Holic Energy (BHE).

Before the Meeting an IRAP Ph D School for graduate students will be organized from June 28 to June 29 at the National Academy of Science.

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