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Aharonian Felix "The Nature's perfectly designed Extreme Accelerators"
Barkov Maxim "Particle acceleration and gamma-ray production in AGN initiated by the jet-star interactions"
Jones Dave "Multi-wavelength surveys of the Galactic centre"  
Kafexhiu Ervin "Excitation and destruction of nuclei in hot astrophysical plasmas around black holes"
Lefa Eva "Time-dependent modeling of the energy spectra of gamma-ray blazars"
Prosekin Anto "Gamma-ray and neutrino signatures of sources of 1020 eV cosmic rays"
Rieger Frank "Particle acceleration and gamma-ray production in the vicinity of supermassive black holes. The case of M87"
Ruizhi Yang "The study of extended gamma-ray sources based on the FERMI LAT data"
Ruffini Remo "GRBs and Supernovae: common conceptual issues"  
Baranov Andrej "On the pair-instability supernovae"
Belvedere Riccardo "Mass, Radius and Moment of Inertia of Neutron Stars"
Benedetti Alberto "On the frequency of plasma oscillations in the pair plasma generated by a strong electric field"
Bianco Carlo Luciano "The canonical GRB scenario"
Boshkayev Kuantay "On the minimum rotational period of fast rotating white dwarfs"  
Caito Letizia "The case of disguised short GRBs"  
Casolino Marco "Recent PAMELA measurements of proton and helium nuclei and cosmic ray acceleration in the galaxy"
De Barros Gustavo "The case of GRB 050509B"  
Fleig Philipp "Developments of BKL work"
Fraga Machado De Oliveira Bernardo "Cosmological Constraints on inos masses and quantum statistic"
Han Wenbiao "Generation of electromagnetic field energy in gravitational collapses"  
Izzo Luca "on a Nova undergoing outburst"
Liccardo Vincenzo "Focusing Gamma-rays with Laue lenses"
Malheiro Manuel "SGRs and AXPs: Massive Rotating White Dwarfs versus Magnetares"
Menegoni Eloisa "Cosmological Constraint on Fundamental Constants"
Pandolfi Stefania "Theoretical Development toward the Planck mission"
Penacchioni Ana V. "The case of Multiple GRBs"
Pugliese Daniela "What do we learn about the Reissner-Nordstrom geometry ?"
Rangel Lemos Juracy "Luminosity function of BATSE GRBs whose prompt emission is not dominated by the P-GRB"
Rotondo Michael "On the Thomas-Fermi treatment of compressed atoms and nuclear matter cores of stellar dimensions"
Rueda Jorge A. "The relativistic Feynman-Metropolis-Teller theory for white-dwarfs in general relativity"
Sahakyan Narek "Gamma-rays from giant radio lobes of Centaurus A"
Siutsou Ivan "Self Gravitating inos and constant surface density"  
Vereshchagin Gregory "Transparency of an extended relativistic shell along the line of sight and application to GRBs"  
Xue She-Sheng "A general relativistic Thomas-Fermi treatment of neutron star cores"  
Tavani Marco "On SNR RX 1713.7 - Discussion of particle acceleration in SNRs - Overview of galactic microquasars and focus on Cyg X-3 and Cyg X-1 - Big surprises from the Crab Nebula: variability and theory"
Cardillo Martina "On SNR W44"
Giuliani Andrea "Overview of AGILE data"

"On SNR W28"

Piano Giovanni "Gamma-ray emission from the SNR Gamma Cygni: the AGILE results"
Sabatini Sabina "Transient gamma-ray emission from the Microquasar Cygnus X-1"
Vercellone Stefano "The brightest gamma-ray blazar: 3C 454.3 ('Crazy Diamond')"
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