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Monday, June 23, 1997 (Wise Auditorium)

08:30 Tulio Regge
  The Quantum and Gravity: Assessment on Regge Calculus abs
09:10 Roger Penrose
  The Aims and Present Status of Twistor Theory abs
09:50 Bryce DeWitt
  The Quantum and Gravity: the Wheeler- DeWitt Equation abs
10:30 Coffee Break
10:50 John Donoghue
  Perturbative Dynamics of Quantum Gravity: Effective Field Theory abs
11:30 Yuval Ne'eman
  The Quantum and Gravity: The Role of Symmetries abs
12:10 Ashoke Sen
  Recent Developments in String Theory abs
12:50 Lunch Break

Tuesday, June 24, 1997 (Wise Auditorium)

08:30 Juan Maldacena
  Black Holes is String Theory abs
09:15 Renaud Parentani
  Black Hole Thermodynamics and Horizon Entropy abs
10:00 Claudio Teitelboim
  2+1 Black Holes abs
10:45 Cofee Break
11:05 Jacob Bekenstein
  Quantum Black Holes as Atoms abs
11:50 James York
  Geometrical Hyperbolic Systems for General Relativity abs
12:35 Lunch Break
20:30 Memorial Session to B. Dicke (at the Renaissance Jerusalem Hotel)
  Ken Nordtvedt
Dicke and Mach's Principle
Cliff Will
Dicke and Experimental Gravity
Brandon Carter
Dicke and the Anthropic Principle
Francis Everitt and Remo Ruffini
Short reminiscences of Dicke

Wednesday, June 25, 1997 (Wise Auditorium)

08:30 Alain Connes
  Noncommutative Geometry and Gravitation abs
09:15 Amos Ori
  Inner Structure of Spinning Black Holes abs
10:00 Brandon Carter
  Progress on the Black Hole Uniqueness Problem abs
10:45 Coffee Break
11:05 David Blair
  Resonant Mass Gravitational Wave Detectors for Bursts, Pulsars and Stochastic Backgrounds abs
11:50 Kenneth Strain
  Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors Spanning 7 Decades of Frequency abs
12:35 Piero Rapagnani
  The Virgo Project  
12:50 Lunch Break

Thursday, June 26, 1997 (Wise Auditorium)

08:30 Felix Mirabel
  Superluminal Sources in the Galaxy abs
09:15 Makoto Inoue
  Maser in Active Galactic Nuclei abs
10:00 Ramesh Narayan
  Astrophysical Evidence for Black Hole Horizons abs
10:45 Cofee Break
11:05 Luiz Da Costa
  Assessment on the Large Scale Structure abs
11:50 Phil Lubin
  Cosmological Parameters from the Cosmic Microwave Background abs
12:35 Lunch Break

Friday, June 27, 1997 (Wise Auditorium)

13:00 Gustav Tamman
  The Hubble Constant abs
13:40 Francis Everitt
  the NASA Gravity Probe B - Status Report abs
14:40 Remo Ruffini
  Concluding Remarks  
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