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Dr. Christian Cherubini
Curriculum Vitae
Publication list

Christian Cherubini



Position: University Researcher (Fis/02) in Theoretical Physics.
Biomedical Engineering faculty, University "Campus Bio-medico",
Via A. del Portillo 21, I-001285 Rome, Italy.

Period covered: 1st November 2007-today



I Scientific Work

  • Astrophysics

  • General relativistic perturbation theory and Numerical Relativity.

  • Derivation of exact solutions for systems of nonlinear PDEs.

  • Acoustic black holes.

  • Theoretical biophysics focused on pathological physiology of cardiac and neural tissues.


II Conferences and educational activities

Conferences and Other External Scientific Work

1999 -Second ICRA Network Workshop "Chaotic Universe" Rome-Pescara (ITALY).

-Third ICRA Network Workshop "Electrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics around Black Holes" Rome-Pescara (ITALY).

2000 -9th Marcel Grossmann a Roma (ITALIA).

2001 -Royal Astronomical Society meeting on Cosmological Models, London,


2002 -Wheeler Symposium, Princeton NJ (USA).

2003 -10th Marcel Grossmann in Rio de Janeiro (BRASIL).

-8th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics in Pescara (ITALY).

-Inaugural Meeting of the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, Brownsville, TX (USA)

2004 -Elba Meeting in Honour of Y. Choquet-Bruhat "Analysis, Manifolds And Geometric Structures in Physics", Isola d'Elba (ITALY).

2005 - Russian-Italian Lifshitz-Zeldovich Meeting on Relativistic Astrophysics, Pescara


-9th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, Seoul (SOUTH KOREA) and Mt.Kumgang (NORTH KOREA).

-COMSOL Italian Multiphysics Meeting, Milan (ITALY).

2006 -Bego scientific Rencontres, Nice (FRANCE).

-Eleventh Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, Berlin


-COMSOL Users Conference, Milan (ITALY).

2007 -Cardiac MEF and Arrhythmias Conference, Oxford (GREAT BRITAIN).

-10th Italian-Korean Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics in Pescara (ITALY).

-4th Italian-Sino Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics in Pescara (ITALY).


Teaching Duties

2003/04 Assistant "General Physics I" (Engineering Faculty, University Campus Bio-Medico)

2004/05 Assistant "General Physics I" and "Dynamics of Complex Physiological Systems" (Engineering Faculty, University Campus Bio-Medico)

2005/06 Assistant "General Physics I" and "Dynamics of Complex Physiological Systems" (Engineering Faculty, University Campus Bio-Medico)

2006/07 Assistant "General Physics I" and "Dynamics of Complex Physiological Systems" (Engineering Faculty, University Campus Bio-Medico)


Work With Postdocs

The main collaboration of Dr Cherubini with ICRANET postdocs has been with Dr Andrea Geralico, in relation with perturbation theory in General Relativity and quasilocal energy definitions in charged and rotating black hole spacetimes (Dyadotorii).


III Service activities

Within ICRANet

Organization of conference activities in the ICRA center of Pescara (3rd ICRA Network workshop and Sixth Italo-Korean Meeting 1999) as well as in the organization of the 9th Marcel Grossmann in Rome (2000).



Dr Cherubini has a longstanding collaboration with other ICRANETscientists. In particular in collaboration with Dr Donato Bini, Prof. Robert T Jantzen and Prof. Remo Ruffini he has written plenty articles in various areas of General Relativity. In collaboration with Dr Giovanni Montani he has studied some problems of cosmology while with Prof. Simonetta Filippi he is involved in research activities in the fields of Galactic Structures and Complex Systems in Nature.

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