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The T.E.S.T. sculpture

Each recipient is presented with a silver casting of the T.E.S.T. sculpture by the artist A. Pierelli. The original casting was presented to His Holiness Pope John Paul II on the first occasion of the Marcel Grossmann Awards in 1985.

All the winners of the Awards are listed below. The same informations are downloadable as a pdf booklet



Institutional Awards

Prof. Alexander Shirshakov (on behalf of the S.A. Lavochkin Association)
Prof. Peter Predehl (on behalf of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics - MPE)
Prof. Rashid Sunyaev (on behalf of the Space Research Institute IKI of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

for the creation of the world's best X-ray map of the entire sky, for the discovery of millions of previously unknown accreting supermassive black holes at cosmological redshifts, for the detection of X-rays from tens of thousands of galaxy clusters, filled mainly with dark matter, and for permitting the detailed investigation of the growth of the large-scale structure of the universe during the era of dark energy dominance.

Individual Awards

Demetrios Christodoulou
for his many lasting contributions to the foundation of mathematical physics including the dynamics of relativistic gravitational fields. Notably for: contributing in 1971, at the age of 19, to derive with Remo Ruffini the mass-energy formula of black holes as a function of their angular momentum, charge and irriducible mass. Christodoulou turned then to the study of partial differential equations and mathematical physics, to which he remained dedicated for the rest of his career. Highlights in this include the theoretical discovery of the nonlinear memory effect of gravitational waves (Phys. Rev. Letters 1991), the monograph (1993) in collaboration with Sergiu Klainerman on the global nonlinear stability of the Minkowski spacetime, the monograph (2009) on the formation of black holes in pure general relativity by imploding gravitational waves, and the monographs (2007 and 2019) on the formation and further development of shocks in fluids.

Tsvi Piran
for extending Relativistic Astrophysics across international frontiers, a true companion in the search for the deeper meaning of Einstein's great theory.

Gerard 't Hooft
for his persistent devotion to the study of the quantum field theory boundary conditions at the black hole horizon.

Steven Weinberg
for unwavering support for the MG meetings since their inception, a true companion in the search for the deeper meaning of Einstein's great theory.



Institutional Award

Plank Scientific Collaboration (ESA)
for obtaining important constraints on the models of inflationary stage of the Universe and level of primordial non-Gaussianity; measuring with unprecedented sensitivity gravitational lensing of Cosmic Microwave Background fluctuations by large-scale structure of the Universe and corresponding Bpolarization of CMB, the imprint on the CMB of hot gas in galaxy clusters; getting unique information about the time of reionization of our Universe and distribution and properties of the dust and magnetic fields in our Galaxy.

Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory at Stanford University
to HEPL for having developed interdepartmental activities at Stanford University at the frontier of fundamental physics, astrophysics and technology.

Individual Awards

Lyman Page
for his collaboration with David Wilkinson in realizing the NASA Explorer WMAP mission and who now leads the Atacama Cosmology Telescope as its project scientist.

Rashid Alievich Sunyaev
for the development of theoretical tools in the scrutinising, through the CMB, of the first observable electromagnetic appearance of our Universe .

Shing-Tung Yau
for the proof of the positivity of total mass in the theory of general relativity and perfecting as well the concept of quasi-local mass, for his proof of the Calabi conjecture, for his continuous inspiring role in the study of black holes physics.



Institutional Award

for the tremendous success of its scientifc space missions in astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics which have revolutionized our knowledge of the Universe and hugely benefted science and mankind.

Individual Awards

Ken'ichi Nomoto
for heralding the role of binary systems in the evolution of massive stars.

Martin Rees
for fostering research in black holes, gravitational waves and cosmology.

Yakov Sinai
for applying the mathematics of chaotic systems to physics and cosmology.

Sachiko Tsuruta
for pioneering the physics of hot neutron stars and their cooling.

T. D. Lee
for his work on white dwarfs motivating Enrico Fermi’s return to astrophysics and guiding the basic understanding of neutron star matter and fields.

C. N. Yang
for deepening Einstein’s geometrical approach to physics in the best tradition of Paul Dirac and Hermann Weyl.



Institutional Award

AlbaNova University Center
for its innovative status as a joint institute established by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology and for fostering contributions to cosmology and astrophysics in the profound scientific tradition established by Oskar Klein.
Presented to the Rector of Stockholm University, Prof. Kåre Bremer

Individual Awards

David Arnett
for pioneering contributions in the discovery of dark matter and the cosmic web and for fostering research in the historic Tartu Observatory.

Vladimir Belinski and Isaak M. Khalatnikov
for the discovery of a general solution of the Einstein equations with a cosmological singularity of an oscillatory chaotic character known as the BKL singularity.

Filippo Frontera
for guiding the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor Project on board the BeppoSAX satellite, which led to the discovery of GRB X-ray afterglows, and to their optical identification.



Institutional Award

Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifique (IHES)
for its outstanding contributions to mathematics and theoretical physics, and notably for having renewed basic geometrical concepts, and having developed new mathematical and physical aspects of spacetime.
Presented to Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

Individual Awards

Jaan Einasto
for pioneering contributions in the discovery of dark matter and the cosmic web and for fostering research in the historic Tartu Observatory.

Christine Jones
for her fundamental contributions to the X-ray studies of galaxies and clusters tracing their formation and evolution and for her role in collaborations using clusters to study dark matter and in analyzing the effects of outbursts from supermassive black holes on the intracluster gas.

Michael Kramer
for his fundamental contributions to pulsar astrophysics, and notably for having first confirmed the existence of spin-orbit precession in binary pulsars.



Institutional Award

Freie Universität Berlin
for the successful endeavour of re-establishing in the spirit of the Humboldt tradition freedom of thinking and teaching within a democratic society in a rapidly evolving cosmos.
Presented to Dr. Dieter Lenzen, President of FUB

Individual Awards

Roy Kerr
for his fundamental contribution to Einstein's theory of general relativity: The gravitational field of a spinning mass as an example of algebraically special metrics."

George Coyne
for his committed support for the international development of relativistic astrophysics and for his dedication to fostering an enlightened relationship between science and religion.

Joachim Träumper
for his outstanding scientific contributions to the physics of compact astrophysical objects and for leading the highly successful ROSAT mission which discovered more then 200,000 galactic and extragalactic X-ray sources: a major step in the observational capabilities of X-ray astronomy and in the knowledge of our universe.



Institutional Award

CBPF (Brazilian Center for Research in Physics)
For its role as a teaching and research institution and as a place originating fundamental physics ideas in the exploration of the universe.
Presented to its founders Cesar Lattes, José Leite Lopez and Jayme Tiomno.

Individual Awards

Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat  and James W. York, Jr.
For separate as well as joint work in establishing the mathematical framework for proving the existence and uniqueness of solutions to Einstein's gravitational field equations.

Yuval Ne'eman
For his contributions to science, epistimology, mathematics and physics from subnuclear to space sciences.



Institutional Award

The Solvay Institutes (Solvay Instituts Internationaux de Physique et de Chimie)
For identifying and recording in discussions with the protagonists the crucial developments of physics and astrophysics in the twentieth century.
Presented to Jacques Solvay

Individual Awards

Riccardo Giacconi
For opening , five successive times, new highways for exploring the Universe.

Roger Penrose
For extending the mathematical and geometrical grounds of  General Relativity.

Cecile and Bryce DeWitt
For promoting General Relativity and Mathematics research and inventing the "summer school" concept.



Institutional Award

Hebrew University
for its role as a cradle of Science and Humanities and for hosting the manuscripts of Albert Einstein.
Presented to M. Magidor, President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Individual Awards

Tullio Regge
for his contributions to the interface between mathematics and physics leading to new fields of research of paramount importance in relativisic astrophysics and particle physics.

Francis Everitt
for leading the development of extremely precise space experiments utilizing superconducting technology to test General Relativity and the Equivalence Principle.



Institutional Award

Space Telescope Science Institute

for its critical role in the direction and operationof the Hubble Space Telescope, a truly unique international laboratory for the investigation and testing of general relativity in the context of modern astrophysics and cosmology.

Individual Awards

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

for his contributions to the analysis of gravitationalphenomena from Newton to Einstein and especially for leading the way to relativistic astrophysicswith the concept of critical mass for gravitational collapse.

Jim Wilson

for having built on his experience in nuclear physics,thermonuclear reactions, and extensive numerical simulation to create a new testing ground for the novel concepts of relativistic astrophysics.



Institutional Award

for keeping alive first in Hiroshima and them in Kyoto research in relativity, cosmology, and relativistic field theory and the development of a school of international acclaim.
Presented to Professor K. Tomita.

Individual Awards

Minoru Oda
for participating in the pioneering work of the early sixties in X-ray astronomy and for his subsequent molding of an agile and diversified Japanese scientific space program investigating the deepest aspects of relativistic astrophysics.

Stephen Hawking
for his contributions to the understanding of spacetime singularities and of the large scale structure of the Universe and of its quantum origins.



Institutional Award

The University of Western Australia
for its contributions to relativistic astrophysics .
Presented to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Robert Smith.

Individual Awards

Satio Hayakawa
for his contributions to research in gamma, X-ray and infrared radiation as well as cosmic rays.

John Archibald Wheeler
for his contributions to geometrodynamics and Einstein's visions.



Institutional Award

The Vatican Observatory
for its contributions to the origin and development of astrophysics.
Presented to His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

Individual Awards

William Fairbank
for his work in gravitation and low temperature physics.

Abdus Salam
for his work in unifying fundamental interactions.

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