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The Fourth Zeldovich virtual meeting - Presentations Print E-mail

Muhsin Aljaf
Constraints on interacting dark energy models through cosmic chronometers and Gaussian process pdf

Lorenzo Amati
The Transient High Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS) pdf

Elena Arbuzova
Zeldovich equation and supersymmetric dark matter pdf

Carlos Arguelles
Fermionic dark matter profiles pdf

Irene Arkhangelskaja
Long GRBs observations up to TeV energies: sources inhomogeneity pdf

Marika Asgari
Weak gravitational lensing and the Kilo-Degree Survey pdf

Abhay Ashtekar
Quantum Gravity in the Sky? Alleviating the tension in CMB using Planck scale physics pdf

Sebastian Bahamonde
Solar System Tests in Modified Teleparallel Gravity pdf

Elena Balakina
The influence of peculiar velocities of SNe 1a on distance measurements pdf

Cosimo Bambi
Testing general relativity with black holes using X-ray observations pdf

Andrew Beckwith
Using "Enhanced Quantization" to bound the Cosmological constant, (for a bound-on graviton mass), by comparing two action integrals(one being from general relativity) at the start of inflation pdf

Vitaly Beylin
Could the presence of dark matter affect the neutrino flux? pdf

Timur Bikbaev
Numerical simulation of dark atom interaction with nuclei pdf

Daniel Blixt
Viability of teleparallel gravity pdf

Artem Burdanov
Exploring the nearest ultra-cool dwarfs for terrestrial exo-planets pdf

Daniela Calzetti
Astrophysical implications of the Starburst Attenuation Curve pdf

Stefano Campion
On magnetic ield screening pdf

Kapil Chandra
Why Zeldovich failed to estimate the precise value of cosmological constant pdf

Valery Chechetkin
Large-Scale Instability in Supernovae and the Neutrino Spectrum pdf

Jens Chluba
CMB spectral distortions pdf

Alexander Dolgov
Primordial black holes and modification of Zeldovich-Novikov mechanism pdf

Paulino Javier Dominguez Chavez
Vanishing super-Poynting observers of a pencil of light in the Melvin universe. pdf

Jaan Einasto
The biasing phenomenon pdf

Maret Einasto
Connectivity and galaxy populations in supercluster cocoons: the case of A2142 pdf

Katherine Freese
Thoughts on what Dark Matter is (and what it isn't) and how to Find It pdf

Chris Fryer
Supernova explosions pdf

Alexei Gaina
Recollections about Zeldovich pdf

Stefan Gillessen
GRAVITY scienti ic results pdf

Michael Good
Radiation from an inertial horizon pdf

Daniele Gregoris
Curvature invariants, and black hole horizons pdf

Manuel Hohmann
Gauge-invariant approach to the parameterized post-Newtonian formalism pdf

Eric Howard
On the dynamics of phase transitions in relativistic scalar field theory pdf

Michael A. Ivanov
The system of equations describing 4 generations with the symmetry group SU(3)C × SU(2)L × U(1) pdf

Sobhan Kazempour Ishka
Imposing Gravitational Wave Constrains on the Einstein-Gauss-bonnet Cosmology pdf

Luca Izzo
Recent progresses on the connection between GRBs and type-Ic broad-lined supernovae pdf

Maxim Khlopov
Multi-messenger cosmological probes for new physics in the light of Ya.B.Zeldovich's Legacy pdf

Alena Khokhriakova
Detectability of isolated neutron stars by eROSITA pdf

Anastasia Kirichenko
Antihelium flux from antimatter globular cluster pdf

Alexander Kirillov
Relic magnetic wormholes as possible source of toroidal magnetic fields in galaxies pdf

Joanna Kiryluk
High energy neutrinos - latest results from IceCube pdf

KateĊ™ina Klimovicová
Oscillations of non-slender tori in the Hartle-Thorne geometry pdf

Stanislav Komarov
On the reconstruction of relative motion of components of a binary star in gravitational field of supermassive black hole from its redshift pdf

Claus Lämmerzahl
Tests of general relativity pdf

Eduard Larranaga
A Toy Model to calculate the Gravitational Radiation produced by a Particle plunging into a Static Spherically Symmetric Black Hole in Massive Gravity pdf

Massimiliano Lattanzi
Probing neutrino physics with cosmological observations pdf

Orchidea Maria Lecian
Specific aspects of the evolution of antimatter globular clusters domains pdf

Liang Li
Self-Similarities and Power-laws in the Time-resolved Spectra of GRB190114C, GRB130427A, GRB160509A, and GRB160625B pdf

Vladimir Lipunov
Central GRB Engine from Early Multimessanger observations pdf

Partha Sarathi Majumdar
Holographic Bound on Area of Compact-binary-merger-remnant pdf

Kiril Maltsev
On the foundations of black hole thermodynamics pdf

Andrej Manko
The two-photon production quark--antiquark pairs at LHC pdf

Andrey Mayorov
Antiparticles in cosmic rays pdf

Andrea Merloni
Mapping the hot Universe: the first year of operations of eROSITA on SRG pdf

Evgeny Mikhailov
No-z approximation and RZ-model for studying magnetic fields in astrophysical objects pdf

Felix Mirabel
Black holes in the universe pdf

Razmik Mirzoyan
On the Recent Detections of GRBs at TeraelectronVolt Energies pdf

Rahim Moradi
GRB central engine pdf

Viacheslav Mukhanov
The final state of nonsigular evaporating black hole pdf

Suvodip Mukherjee
Discovering Axion-like particles using Cosmic Microwave Background pdf

Ilya Obukhov
Possible Scenario of Electrons-Positrons Symmetry Destroy pdf

Ivan Ohrymenko
Gravitational wave detector with moving reflectors pdf

Elena Panko
Substructures in the galaxy clusters in rich regions pdf

Maria Pashentseva
Applying no-z approximation for modeling dynamo action in accretion discs pdf

Masroor C. Pookkillath
Minimally Modified Gravity fitting Planck data better than $Lambda$CDM pdf

Mikalai Prakapenia
Three-particle interactions in relativistic plasma pdf

Maria Pruzhinskaya
New method to account for Type Ia Supernova environment in cosmological analysis pdf

Piero Rosati
Cosmography and tests of the LCDM paradigm with high-precision strong lensing modelling of galaxy clusters pdf

Remo Ruffini
The discovery of the moment of formation of the black hole in GRB 190114C pdf

Jorge Rueda
An update of the binary-driven hypernova scenario pdf

Olga Sazhina
Optical analysis of a CMB cosmic string candidate pdf

Alexey Sery
Baryshevsky-Luboshitz Effect in Spin-Polarized Electron Gas at High Temperatures in Quantizing Magnetic Field pdf

Nikolay Shakura
On the nature of 35-day cycle in Her X1/HZ Her pdf

Alexey Shaplov
Stability of a static spherically symmetric wormhole in the framework of 5-dimensional Projective Unified Field Theory (PUFT) pdf

Muhammad Sharif
Compact Strange Objects in Modified Gravity pdf

Costantino Sigismondi
What is Betelgeuse going to do next? pdf

Joseph Silk
The Future of Cosmolgy pdf

Ignas Snellen
Exoplanets and the search for extraterretrial life pdf

Dmitry Sokoloff
Dynamo in accretion discs pdf

Vladimir Soloviev
The canonical structure of bigravity pdf

Vladislav Stefanov
Gravitational Dephasing for Timed Dicke State pdf

Alexey Starobinsky
Evolution of the mixed R2-Higgs inflationary model pdf

Rashid Sunyaev
Results of SRG Orbital Observatory with eRosita and ART-XC X-Ray telescopes aboard pdf

Amaury Triaud
Exoplanet atmospheres pdf

Gregory Vereshchagin
Diffusive relativistic photospheres pdf

Yu Wang
Two Predictions of Supernova: GRB 130427A/SN 2013cq and GRB 180728A/SN 2018 ip pdf

Ye-Fei Yuan
Probes of strong gravity: SgrA* and M87* pdf

Rafael Ignacio Yunis
Self Interactions in WDM: A VIew From Cosmological Perturbation Theory (CPT)) pdf

Oleg Zaslavskii
Super-Penrose process: classification of scenarios pdf

Shuang-Nan Zhang
The Insight-HXMT mission, China’s irst X-ray astronomy mission pdf

Konstantin Zloshchastiev
Dark matter, dark energy and multi-scale gravity as manifestations of superfluid vacuum pdf
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