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The Fourth Zeldovich virtual meeting - Proceedings Print E-mail

Proceedings of the Fourth Zeldovich meeting are published in the refereed journal Astronomy Reports, volume 65, issue 10
Link: https://link.springer.com/journal/11444/volumes-and-issues/65-10

The volume includes the following articles:
• E. A. Balakina and M. V. Pruzhinskaya, The Influence of the Peculiar Velocities of SNe Ia in Clusters of Galaxies on the Redshift Measurements, pages: 897 - 901
• Cosimo Bambi, Testing General Relativity with Black Hole X-Ray Data, pages: 902 - 905
• V. A. Beylin, Could the Presence of Dark Matter Affect the Neutrino Flux?, pages: 906 - 910
• S. Campion, J. A. Rueda and R. Ruffini, On the Magnetic Field Screening in Strong Crossed Electromagnetic Fields, pages: 911 - 915
• V. M. Chechetkin and A. G. Aksenov, Large-Scale Instability in Supernovae and the Neutrino Spectrum, pages: 916 - 920
• D. Dolgov and K. A. Postnov, Primordial Black Holes and Modification of Zeldovich–Novikov Mechanism, pages: 921 - 925
• J. Einasto, Biasing Phenomenon, pages: 926 - 931
• M. Einasto, Collapse, Connectivity, and Galaxy Populations in Supercluster Cocoons: the Case of A2142, pages: 932 - 936
• L. Fryer, P. Karpov and D. Livescu, Understanding Convection in the Core-Collapse Supernovae Engine, pages: 937 - 941
• M. R. R. Good, A. Mitra and V. Zarikas, Dual-Temperature Acceleration Radiation, pages: 942 - 946
• Gregoris, Curvature Invariants and Black Hole Horizons, pages: 947 - 951
• M. Hohmann, Gauge-Invariant Post-Newtonian Perturbations in Symmetric Teleparallel Gravity, pages: 952 - 956
• M. Howard, On the Dynamics of Phase Transitions in Relativistic Scalar Field Theory, pages: 957 - 961
• M. Yu. Khlopov, Multi-Messenger Cosmological Probes for New Physics in the Light of Ya.B. Zeldovich’s Legacy, pages: 962 - 966
• O. M. Lecian and M. Yu. Khlopov, Analyses of Specific Aspects of the Evolution of Antimatter Glubular Clusters Domains, pages: 967 - 972
• Liang Li, Searching for Observational Evidence for Binary Star Systems in Gamma-ray Bursts, pages: 973 - 975
• K. Maltsev, Thermodynamics of –°lassical Schwarzschild Black Holes, pages: 976 - 984
• G. Mayorov, V. V. Alekseev and R. F. Yulbarisov, Antiprotons in –°osmic Rays, pages: 985 - 989
• A. Mikhailov and V. V. Pushkarev, No-z Approximation and rz-Model for Studying Magnetic Fields in Astrophysical Objects, pages: 990 - 994
• S. Mukherjee, Discovering Axion-Like Particles Using Cosmic Microwave Background as the Backlight, pages: 995 - 1001
• A. Panko, S. I. Yemelianov and A. R. Sirginava, Substructures in the Galaxy Clusters in Rich Regions, pages: 1002 - 1006
• M. V. Pashentseva and E. A. Mikhailov, Applying No-z Approximation in Dynamo for Keplerian Rotation Law, pages: 1007 - 1010
• M. A. Prakapenia and G. V. Vereshchagin, Reaction Rates of Three-Particle Interactions in Relativistic Plasma, pages: 1011 - 1014
• M. V. Pruzhinskaya, N. Pauna and P. Rosnet, How We Can Account for Type Ia Supernova Environment in Cosmological Analysis, pages: 1015 - 1020
• M. C. Pookkillath, Minimally Modified Gravity Fitting Planck Data Better Than ΛCDM, pages: 1021 - 1025
• J. A. Rueda, An Update of the Binary-Driven Hypernovae Scenario of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts, pages: 1026 - 1029
• R. Ruffini, Discovery of the Moment of Formation of the Black Hole in GRB 190114C, pages: 1030 - 1035
• I. Sery, Baryshevsky–Luboshitz Effect in Spin-Polarized Electron Gas at High Temperatures in Quantizing Magnetic Field, pages: 1036 - 1038
• N. I. Shakura, D. A. Kolesnikov and K. A. Postnov, On the Nature of the 35-Day Cycle in HZ Her/Her X-1, pages: 1039 - 1041
• O. Shaplov, Stability of a Static Spherically Symmetric Wormholes in the Framework of 5-Dimensional Projective Unified Field Theory (PUFT), pages: 1042 - 1047
• M. Sharif and A. Majid, Relativistic Models for Strange Stars in Massive Brans–Dicke Gravity, pages: 1048 - 1053
• D. D. Sokoloff, Small-Scale Dynamo in Accretion Discs, pages: 1054 - 1056
• V. O. Soloviev, The Canonical Structure of Bigravity, pages: 1057 - 1061
• Z. Y. Tang and Y. F. Yuan, Probe of Strong Gravity: Polarized X-Ray Emission from the Corona-Disk System of Black Hole, pages: 1062 - 1067
• R. I. Yunis, C. R. Argüelles and G. Giordano, Self Interactions in Warm Dark Matter: A View from Cosmological Perturbation Theory, pages: 1068 - 1073
• Yu Wang, Gamma-Ray Burst from Binary Star: Neutron Star and Carbon–Oxygen Core, pages: 1074 - 1077
• K. G. Zloshchastiev, On Asymptotic Behavior of Galactic Rotation Curves in Superfluid Vacuum Theory, pages: 1078 - 1083
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