Wigner 111 - Colourful & Deep

Wigner 111 Scientific Symposium
11-13 November 2013, Budapest - Hungary


Eugene P. Wigner played a key role in the genesis of the theoretical background of Modern Physics. We celebrate one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century for several reasons by organizing the present conference: on the occasion of his 111th birthday, the 50th anniversary of his receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics, and to celebrate the recent foundation of our Wigner Research Centre for Physics, as well.

Wigner's outstanding contributions to Modern Physics, in general, appear in fields of researches originating from his pathbreaking works, which nowadays - in some cases - even become the part of our everyday life. In order to possibly cover the very broad spectrum of Wigner's contributions to physics, subjects like foundations of physics, Wigner functions, group theory, quantum optics, solid state physics, particle and nuclear physics, astrophysics, energetics and nuclear reactors will be included in the program.

The structure of the scientific program of the Wigner 111 - Colourful & Deep, International Scientific Symposium 11-13 November 2013 is the following: on Monday (11th) and on Wednesday (13th) plenary talks will be delivered exclusively, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Parallel sessions on Tuesday (12th) will include invited talks. Contributions are also welcome in the poster session; posters may be displayed throughout the whole duration of the symposium.

There are additional (less formal) programs on Thursday (14th), entitled 'Wigner Memorial Tour'. This program includes a visit organized to the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, where the new Wigner Data Center (CERN@Wigner) will be shown, among some main laboratories. We also plan a 'scientific tour' in Budapest, to show you Wigner's place of birth, his famous Fasori Lutheran Secondary School, for instance.

(More information on http://wigner.mta.hu/wigner111/)

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