Weekly Seminars for March 2013

  Wednesday March 20, 2013 -4,00 PM

ICRA Seminar Aula 7 (Physics Dept.,New Building-4th Floor)    

Speaker:  Prof. Alessandro DE ANGELIS University of Udine and Tecnical University of Lisboa, member of the INFN


Title:  A century of cosmic rays: from spontaneous ionization to fundamental physics.  

Abstract:  The progress of science since 1600 has been driven by the exchanges between physics and astronomy. The history of particle physics in the last century is the success story of an interplay between cosmic-ray physics – i.e., the physics of cosmic accelerators – and the science built around human-made accelerators. 100 years after the discovery of cosmic rays, this presentation reviews some of the main steps of the path leading to present days. As the founders of modern particle physics labs were mostly coming from cosmic-ray physics, they foresaw that particle astrophysics could be one of the main sources of knowledge about the foundations of the Universe and one of the subjects of interest for fundamental science.
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