3rd Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting - Scientific Sessions


Scientific Sessions

Co-Chairs: Remo Ruffini (ruffini@icra.it), Li Tipei (litp@mail.ihep.ac.cn), Shesheng Xue (xue@icra.it) and Gang Zhao (gzhao@bao.ac.cn)





X and Gamma Ray Astrophysics
Organizers: Filippo Frontera (frontera@fe.infn.it), Li Tipei (litp@mail.ihep.ac.cn) and Shuangnan Zhang (zhangsn@ihep.ac.cn)




Gravitational Waves, Radio Astronomy and Precision Tests of General Relativity
Organizers: David Blair (dgb@cyllene.uwa.edu.au) and Zong-Hong Zhu (zhuzh@bnu.edu.cn)



General relativity, GRBs, neutron star and supernovae
Organizers: Carlo Bianco Luciano (bianco@icra.it), Jorge A. Rueda (jorge.rueda@icra.it) and Xiang-Yu Wang (xywang@nju.edu.cn) and Zhang Bing (zhang@physics.unlv.edu



Astroparticle Physics
Organizers: Roberto Battiston (roberto.battiston@pg.infn.it) and Cao Zhen (caozh@ihep.ac.cn)



Cosmology, Large Scale Structure and Dark Matter
Organizers: Xuelei Chen (xuelei@cosmology.bao.ac.cn), Paolo De Bernardis (paolo.debernardis@roma1.infn.it) and Kjell Rosquist (kr@fysik.su.se



Solar Astrometry and Grand Minima of Activity
Organizers: Costantino Sigismondi (sigismondi@icra.it) and Jinxiu Wang (wangjx@nao.cas.cn



History of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Organizers: Sun Xiaochun (xcsun@ihns.ac.cn

The Organizers of the session should be responsible for evaluating the Morning Plenary Program and the contribution talks in four Parallel Afternoon Sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.