The Proceedings have been published on october 2011. The electronic version can be found at .


Dear Participants,

we thank you for your participation and your nice talk in the first Galileo - Xu Guangqi meeting in Shanghai.We are going to publish the conference proceedings of this meeting with the journal "International Journal of Modern Physics D (IJMPD)". The page limit for each contribution will be 8 pages (journal pages) for speakers in the morning session and 4 pages for speakers in the afternoon session.

The contributions should be sent to Annapia at before Feb. 28th, 2010.

In addition:

  1. contributions from the section "Large scale structure ..." will be coordinated by prof. Jing,
  2. contributions from the section "Gravitational wave ..." will be coordinated by prof. Blair,
  3. contributions from the section "General relativity ..." will be coordinated by prof. Ruffini and Xue.

Please take a look at the nice conference photo:

Best Regards,

David Blair
Jing Yi Peng

Remo Ruffini
She Sheng Xue


Instructions for typesetting the manuscript can be found at:

Macro can be directly downloaded at the following link:


Proceedings IJMPD 20 No. 10 2011, edited by David Blair, Jing Yi Peng, Remo Ruffini, She Sheng Xue.