ICRANet Minsk

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
68 Independence Avenue, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

ICRANet Minsk




Dr. Ivan Siutsou
Current position: Researcher at ICRANet-Minsk
Previous positions: CAPES-ICRANEt post-doc at CBPF 2014-2016
Publication list, meetings, schools
Visiting researcher at ICRANet
From 2 to 31 May 2017
From 15 September to 15 October 2017 (supported by MOST program)
Mikalai Prakapenia
Current position: Researcher at ICRANet-Minsk
PhD student, Belarusian State University
Visiting student at ICRANet
From 1 to 27 of July 2018
Seminar: "Thermalization of electron-positron plasma with quantum degeneracy"
Prof. Gregory Vereshchagin
Current position: professor at ICRANet (Pescara, Italy)
Visiting researcher at ICRANet-Minsk


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