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5th Steering Committee (2009)

 V° Steering Committee

ICRANet Coordinating Center, Pescara, February 18, 2009

From left to right: Ettore Torelli, Massimo Regi, Federica Di Berardino, Mario Novello, Hagen Kleinert, Remo Ruffini, Barbara Bregato, Aniello Francesco Izzo, C. W. Francis Everitt, Vahe Gurzadyan, Fang Li-Zhi, Immacolata Pannone.
From left to right: Carlo Serafini, Veronica D'Angelo, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Silvia Latorre, Pina Barbaro, Annapia Del Beato.


  •   Prof. Vahe Gurzadyan (Representative of Armenia)
  •   Prof. Mario Novello mail (Temporarily Representative of Brazil)
  •   Cons. Barbara Bregato, Office Manager, DGPC, Off. III (Representative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  •   Prof.ssa Immacolata Pannone, DGPC, Off. III (Representative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  •   Prof. Hagen M. Kleinert with the proxy of Prof. José G. Funes (Representative of the Vatican)
  •   Prof. Carlo Luciano Bianco with the proxy of Prof. Remo Ruffini mail (Representative of ICRA)
  •   Prof. Fang Li-Zhi (Representative of the University of Arizona in Tucson)
  •   Dr. Marco Alessandrini with the Proxy of Dr. Luciano D’Alfonso (Mayor of Pescara)

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