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21th Steering Committee (Extraordinary 2019)

XXI° Steering Committee

ICRANet Coordinating Center, Pescara, December 16, 2019




  • Absent (Representative of Armenia)
  • Absent (Representative of Brazil)
  • Dr. Antonio Bartolini (General Government Accountancy IGAE Uff. IX - Representative of Ministry of Economy)
  • Absent (Representative of the Vatican City State)
  • Prof. Carlo Luciano Bianco with the proxy of Prof. Remo Ruffini home mail (Representative of ICRA)
  • Prof. Jorge Armando Rueda Hernandez with the proxy of Prof. C. W. Francis Everitt, Chairman (Representative of Stanford University)
  • Prof. Johann Rafelski with the proxy of Prof. Xiaohui Fan (Representative of the University of Arizona in Tucson)
  • ICRANet Auditors:
    Cons. Dr. Giacinto Dammicco (External Auditor, Italian Court of Auditors)
  • Also present:
    Academician Sergei Kilin (Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)
    Prof. Manuel Malheiro (ITA, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica) - by video-call connection from Brazil
    Prof. Clovis Maia (UnB, Universidade de Brasília) - by video-call connection from Brazil
  • As observers:
    Dr. Piero Redolfi (Accounting Consultant)
    Prof. SheSheng Xue (ICRANet Faculty)


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